9 Gems from Imam Khalid Latif’s “It’s Tough Being a Girl” Khutbah

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Mozzified shares one of our favorite Khutbahs, “It’s tough being a girl.” Delivered by Imam Khalid Latif four years ago, this khutbah is still relevant today. 

Here are 9 gems Mozzified loves from the Khutbah:


It is people who are Muslim, men and women alike, that are making life very tough for young women, as well as old, who are within the Muslim community to live a life that is very peaceful.




Where are our men for our women who are looking for protectors? Where are women who are elders that are models for our younger women to embody within the course of their lives?


Four women who are given a great dignity, a great recognition, but even when we talk about them we only talk about them in this ideal setting and situation, where it gets lost in translation. We respect them and they lived centuries ago, but we treat our women today like garbage, so what lessons do we really derive from their existence? What meaning do we really derive from their being in this world? What do we really understand from them? And what are we going to do about it?





If we look at any program, we look at any conference, any class, the majority of attendees who are there are young women, not our men.


Knowledge becomes empowering. And when you have a question about why someone is treating you a certain way and they are the ones who are in possession of that knowledge base and they can interpret it in whatever manner they want to and you don’t know whether religiously they are right or they are wrong you’re going to get stuck in the place that you are in.




Most of us as men don’t even realize what our hijab actually entails. We don’t even know how to dress. Half of us, when we are praying, our pants are falling of our backside and every time we go into ruku and sujjud you can see everything. From most juridical opinions, your prayer isn’t even valid.

You can watch the entire khutbah here: