The 5 kinds of guys who play basketball after Jummah

1) The “I got this, bro. I got this,” Brother.

This brother misses every. single. time. No one understands where his confidence comes from, or why he always has the ball.

2) The “Guys, it’s a just a game,” Brother.

He never runs past the three-point line, claims he’s the “shooting guard,” and yells “foul” every thirty seconds.

3) “The Brick.”

Consistently two seconds too slow, there isn’t much this brother is good for.

4) The “Where are the sisters?,” Bro.

Always on the lookout for sisters in the audience, this brother is on the hunt for his bride-to-be.

5) “The Stud.”

This brother is a rarity and only comes out occasionally, but when he does, everyone shows up. Including the sisters.