The Perks & Struggles of having Mozzie roommates

Perk: Praying together.

Roommates who pray together, stay together.

Struggle: When you all wake up for Fajr at the same time and there’s only five minutes left to pray. Oh, and you have one bathroom.

Perk: Your wardrobe is infinitely larger.

Struggle: When you compliment your roommate’s hijab… only to realize it’s yours.

Perk: Reminding each other that “cleaniness is half our deen.”

Struggle: Having to remind each other that “cleanliness is half our deen.”

Perk: Waking each other up for Fajr.

Struggle: Trying to sleep through your roommate’s 15th Fajr alarm AFTER you’ve already prayed.

Perk: When your roommate’s parents bring you halal food.

Struggle: When your roommate’s parents come over unannounced and you wish you had an invisibility cloak.

Perk: Being able to discuss religion freely with your roommates.

Struggle: When your roommate is convinced there’s a jin in the bathroom.

Perk: Not having to explain the “watering can” in the bathroom.

Struggle: Walking into a flooded bathroom after your roommate has done wudu.

Perk: Having someone to celebrate Eid with.

Struggle: Missing Eid Prayer because your roommates take forever to get ready.

  • Jannah Sellars

    I laughed SO hard on this thread! The first one about praying together had me rolling! And the Emma Stone Gif was gold! Love all of these to much!!

  • Ruqaiyah Gilchrist

    lmao! laughed so hard on this! haha keep up the good word guys, your threads are awesome!