The 12 MSA Archetypes

Carl Jung’s got nothing on the MSA.

1) The Poet.

You’ll find the poet (re)tweeting Rumi quotes, reading Imam Al-Ghazali under a tree, or reciting his/her latest verse at a local poetry slam.

2) The Mipster.

You know ’em when you see ’em: always fashionable, always conscious, and always a tad “mysterious.”

3) The Gender & Women Studies Major.

Always there to check your conversation, the GWS Major brings a different perspective to the MSA.

4) The Activist.

If you’re ever looking for The Activist, be surprised s/he isn’t already looking for you . The Activist is always rallying, and trying to get others to rally.

5) The Good Kid.

The Good Kid grew up in a 100% Muslim Community, went to an Islamic School, and still can’t process what s/he’s been exposed to at college. Always smiling on the outside, and thinking “Astagfirullah” on the inside.

6) The President.

The President works harder than any other MSAer to make sure things actually happen. Somehow, s/he’s able to keep a 4.0 GPA, work twenty hours a week, volunteer at the local soup kitchen, and stay sane.

7) The Grad Student.

“When I was an undergrad, we..” is how The Grad Student typically begins her/his sentences. Longing for his/her own MSA Glory Days, The Grad Student occasionally shows up at MSA events — typically to find other grad students.

8) The Graduate.

Although s/he graduated five years ago, The Graduate still attends every single MSA event and whole generations of MSAers have to come to know him/her. The Graduate “mysteriously” disappears once s/he finds a spouse.


9) The Almost Convert.

This MSAer showed up at an MSA event once (for whatever reason), and never left. The Almost Convert is the MSA’s most dedicated volunteer (after The President), and everyone is secretly waiting for the day s/he takes Shahada.

10) The Foodie.

The Foodie only appears when s/he’s confident that free food will be provided. S/he is known to Instagram every meal, and then immediately complain that the MSA never has good food afterward.

11) The Third-Culture Kid.

Always hopping on one plane or another, The Third-Culture Kid speaks seven languages, has lived in five different countries, and brings an “air of sophistication” to the MSA.

12) The Goofball.

The Goofball’s deen is on point, and s/he’s always reminding us that there’s a lighter side to Islam.

#followthesunnah #muslimshavefuntoo