10 struggles every zabiha-halal eater faces

by Mozzified Contributor Reema K Lateef 

So, I recently started eating zabiha/halal meat and the struggle has been harsh… to say the least. Some struggle with not eating sugar, some struggle with running a 5k… I struggle with eating halal meat.

1) The struggle to not eat a bite off another person’s plate.

“Can I try some of yours?”


“Oh, try some of my mine too!”

“I can’t.” -_-

2) Resisting the temptation to choose the beef option over the vegetarian option.

Can I have it with just eggs and vegetables please? 🙁

3) Attempting to explain that you’re not vegetarian, just that you can’t eat all kinds of meat.

I’m special, okay.

4) Or having to explain that you eat Kosher, but that you’re not Jewish.


5) Searching a restaurant for the halal certificate/sign.


6) Trying to stay calm when someone tells you that tofu “tastes just like meat.”

I know what real meat tastes like. #stop

7) Having to answer weird questions like “do you drink halal water?” or “do you eat halal vegetables?”

#LOL #areyouforrealtho

8) Trying to hide your excitement when you see seafood on the menu.

There’s a life besides tofu and eggs? #whoknew

9) When you finally find a vegetarian dish on the menu, only to find out that it’s “prepared with white wine.”

So close, but so far.

10) At the end of the day, realizing that nothing replaces meat.

Reema is currently a student at Zaytuna College, where she is the Editor-in-Chief of Olea Press, Zaytuna’s Student Newspaper. Follow Reema @ReemaJaan15. 


  • Hassan Hafeez

    9 is the best expression to that.. pouty face 😀

  • IALI

    Kosher is not the same as Halal.

    • Shabnam SungerBob Shaik

      No its not, but Muslims are allowed to eat kosher food. Thats what the post is alluding, sorry he didn’t spell it out for you.

      • Rozmina Lakada

        im sorry, but kosher and zabiha are completely different. thats not necessarily true.

        • Shabnam SungerBob Shaik

          Did I say kosher and zabiha are the same? No I did not. However, Muslims can eat kosher food.

    • Ahmed Khiari

      True. Kosher has stricter criteria than Halal. That being said, what Halal means is “permissible”. As such, Kosher – as well as slaughtering done by Christians- is “permissible”, or Halal for Muslims.

  • ShalShah

    Muslims are what they eat…… Animals.

    • N.S

      Animals are mammals. not all just some animals.
      Mammal: a warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur, the secretion of milk by females for the nourishment of the young, and (typically) the birth of live young.
      therefore. if ur a human then ur an animal. even if u dont eat meat.

      stop the hate. Grow up.

      • ShalShah

        They behave like animals… not their dietary habits you wikipedia moron.

        • And so do you. Muslims, being human beings, are as prone to “animalistic” behaviors as anyone else.

          • Shalonica

            Yeah, they havent evolved in any domain. Retaining their barbaric practices since the coming of their false prophet. The Quran says that even Muslims will become the same as the people they hate. This is true the world over.

  • IshaqKhan

    This explains my daily struggles perfectly.

  • IALI

    Who allowed Muslims that it is OK to eat Kosher. Any reference or Hadees?

    • Salman Omrani

      the Holy Quran, chapter 5 verse 5: This day [all] good foods have been made lawful, and the food of those who were given the Scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them.

  • IALI

    Thanks to Salman Omrani and Shabnam Shaik for their response.

    As I said in my initial comment that Kosher is not Halal. They both have many similarities in the way an animal is scarified. However, there are differences which I do not have to go in details now.

    I am also aware of the Quranic Ayaat quoted by Salman Omrani allowing the food of the people who were given the scriptures. i.e. Ahle Kitaab. I surely agree to this Ayaat. However, we have to see who are the people of Ahle Kitaab. If you believe that the present day Christian and Jews are Ahle Kitab then you are wrong. If they are truly following their own scriptures they would have accepted Islam by now. The book e.g. Bible has changed and the Old Testament is hidden or gone.

    Hence, we should be careful if you say that it is OK to eat anything labeled Kosher.
    There are some Islamic scholars who have given the fatwa that it is OK to eat Kosher. However, if you do some research you will find that there is a difference of opinion in this regard. It depends to which School of Thought (Madhaab) you belong. I certainly do not accept that Kosher should be accepted by Muslims.
    Consider this: Do the Jews accept Halal. Then why should Muslim accept Kosher?


    • Gia Daniel

      Because Allaah said so. That pretty much answers the topic, and brings it to a conclusive point.
      If it is kosher AND doesn’t contain alcohol, as they are permitted alcohol and we are not, then we can eat it.
      Also, there is a significant difference between “halal” and “zabiha”. Zabiha has to do with how the animal was slaughtered, and that it was not slaughtered for the sake of an idol. Sheep, as a general rule, are halal, but their flesh does not become to the level of zabiha unless and until the slaughter was according to the Shari’ah.

      • IALI

        Thanks. Good reply and clarification.

    • Kamran Ahmed Farooqui

      I am confused here.. When it is clear in Quran that Allah is allowing Muslims to eat slaughter of the other “ah le kitab” then why there is a problem today?
      Nauzubilah Allah did not know at the time of reveling of these verses that there will be a different breed of Ah le kitab later? So why allow muslims then in the first place?
      If the Ah le kitab at those time were different and they were more pure and ritous then why Islam was needed for them?

    • NRSoFar

      Jews don’t eat halal meat because they have a lot more restrictions then us in regards to the preparation of their food. For example, they absolutely must separate meat and dairy, not only can it not be eaten together, the two can never touch and must be prepared in completely separate vessels.

  • momo-ak

    All of these are so true… the struggle is real. But worth it in the end. XD

    • sh319

      Salam. Thanks for the post. Really liked it. what is your email adress?

  • justme

    11) When you find out they fry the mozzarella sticks in the same grease they fry the maytah.