17 Times Sharia Actually Creeped

by Mozzified Contributor Yusuf Masud

1) Hipster fashion is basically the sunnah.

Long beards and ankle pants. Need I say more? #themoreyouknow

2) Autocorrect has been mozzified.

3) They’re catching on to this wudu thing.

4) Tennis player Andy Murray was caught prostrating.

#doesfoxnow #elbowsupnexttimebro

5) Our Lunchables have been kabob-ified.

Get ’em while they’re young.

6) Studies are being influenced.

7) We’re even bringing our Jinn over.

8) We’re coming for your water next.

9) Looks like we got Batman.

10) Who needs the Illuminati when you’ve got the Star & Crescent.

11) Minarets on Bouncy Houses.

12) We’ve got the textbooks.

13) Algebra is being taught everywhere.

I wonder where that came from.

14) We are time travelers, haven’t you heard.

15) Wealthy American women have begun carrying around prayer mats.

16) Have you ever ordered your eggs SUNNI side up? Yeah, I thought so.

17) And lest you forget: Star Wars made a ‘hero’ of a youth who is radicalized by a bearded old man who lives in the desert wearing robes.


Yusuf is a student at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. His interests include curing heart disease (the other kind), John Donne, surrounding himself with pious people, and finding any excuse to not do work.

  • Jannah Sellars

    YES! We’re comin up! Go Islam! ;D