10 English words that basically only Muslims use

by Mozzified Contributor Rohban Zahid

1) Ablution

If I make ablution, does that make me an abluter? Ablutor? One who ablutes?

2) Fornication

Need I say more.

3) Heedlessness

Not to be confused with “headlessness.”

4) Prostration

“Yeah, we prostrate.”
“You WHAT?!”

5) Gelatin

AKA the quickest way to instill fear in an unsuspecting Muslim.

6) Moon-Sighting

“I’m about to go sight the moon.”

7) Repentance

Brb, I’m about to go make some repentance.

8) Hereafter

Well, there is the hereafter…

9) Recitation

“That recitation was on point, masha’Allah.”

10) Verily

Ustadh: Muhammad, can you read from where we left off?
Muhammad: Of course, Ustadh. “Verily…”

Rohban Zahid is from Springfield, IL and is currently a sophomore at Zaytuna College. 

  • Muzz


    • Rohban Z.

      Yes and there are many more: Backbiting, pilgrimage, sacrifice, dawn, dusk etc.

      • Muzz

        I have a really good one.


        • Anon

          That one should have been #1 on the list

      • humayounahmed

        Everyone else also uses those words!

  • Cerberus Wilson

    non-Muslims use these words too….stupid article

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      Chillax man, it’s not a thesis. Just some light-hearted fun.

  • rasheemo

    don’t transgress me bro

  • Ronnie James

    It is precisely this sort of supremely arrogant sense of exclusivity, that forces Secularists & Atheists to despair when it comes to negotiating with al-Muminin..

    • Sufyan

      Sheesh, ronno, take a chill pill lad. Take it easy with your Israel style disproportionate response. Okay so you disagree with his list… how does that equate to being forced to the shores of despair in negotiation lol.

      Drama queen.

      • Ronnie James

        yeah ok, point taken.

    • Jihane El

      Your hate was already there, dont find an excuse that sounds arrogant too..

      • Ronnie James

        Goodness no.
        If I hated Muslims I’d be a rampant Islamist, advocating the rise of IS.
        I want to talk to Muslims about how best the Ummah can continue to evolve with Secularism. no time for hate here pal.

    • Asma

      Lol wtf

      • Ronnie James


        • Asma

          You want constructive? Oh dear. Your comment didn’t really deserve it as it showed a completely, as someone else mentioned, arrogant mindset. I can tell you had been mulling over the sentiment for some time, eager to let it out, which perhaps would have been appropriate for a certain type of posting, not this. There is nothing ‘exclusive’ about sharing humour in joyous camaraderie with a group of people who share a common experience (I oversimplified to make it clear to you). This is universal as is evident by the popularity of such articles across the web

          • Asma

            In fact you just ended up looking like an uptight idiot

          • Ronnie James

            Compared to ‘G Islam’, the contributor directly above me, I think I was rather quaint.
            Besides, I have already declared a mea culpa & accepted the point made by Sufyan, which makes your tirade as equally humourless & redundant as mine, if not more so.

          • Asma

            If you were truly accepting of your error you would have left it at that.

          • Ronnie James

            Erm…. I think this horrid slur by Jihane El demanded a response, actually.

            “Your hate was already there, dont find an excuse that sounds arrogant too..”

            One might have thought that depicting a Kurdish flag as my avatar would indicate the presence of someone who doesn’t hate Muslims for being Muslims.
            Of even the slowest of minds, comprehension of this axiom could be expected, but alas, it seems my assumption was incorrect.

          • Asma

            You are all over the place, and I see no slur. Bye

          • Ronnie James

            Accusing me of hate isn’t a slur?

  • Gia Daniel

    True Dat!

  • Rafa Shu

    i don’t get the gelatin part. does this refer to the pork-fat kind of gelatin?

    • Aatika Siddiqui

      Gelatin doesn’t only apply to pigs. It’s usually also made out of horse bones. Basically any non-halal animal

  • G Islam

    One of silliest pieces of writing I’ve ever read.

    You guys are trying too hard here.

    Also poking fun at revered Islamic concepts is not that funny either. The author seems to be suffering from inferiority complex.

  • Az

    forgot circumambulation

  • Khidhr Tariq

    We have exclusivity rights with circumambulate and occultation.
    Vicegerent too.

  • SM

    The dumbest thing ever! Give up kid, writing is not for you.

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  • Andrew

    As a non-muslim, I enjoy reading these articles. Its nice to know that people (any people) can poke fun at their own culture and still feel respectful of their history.