7 thoughts every Muslim has when bringing a non-Muslim to the mosque

1) I really hope your shoes don’t get stolen.

Is that where they all end up?

2) Let’s try to avoid the Rishta Aunties.

“Beta, how old are you?”
“What do you study?”
“I have a son your age.”

3) Please don’t speak to my friend in a foreign language.


4) I hope you’re prepared for the post-prayer mad dash for food.

Sorry bud, it’s everyone for themselves at this point.

5) Please don’t wander off into the other prayer section.

All who wander at this mosque are lost.

6) For friends of the opposite gender: I hope someone on the other side will be nice to you.

Don’t worry, we will lead the way…

7) Thank God for your outfit.


  • Jannah Sellars

    Oh my gosh! Which designer is that last dress from? It is gorgeous!