7 everyday objects brought to you by Muslims

by Mozzified Contributor Ahmed Gul

1) Toothbrush

Have pearly whites? In fifth century Arabia, Muslims first began using twigs with soft bristles at the ends called miswaks to clean their teeth.

2) Coffee

The first cup of brewed coffee came from Yemen around the 9th century, where it spread to Europe and Italy in the 16th century.

3) Cameras

Selfie? Nafsie? If it wasn’t for ibn al-Haytham in the 11th century, you wouldn’t have been able to post either.

4) Universities

Don’t forget about your edumacation! Muslims were the first to create a degree-granting institution with free education in Morocco in the year 859.

5) Shampoo

Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Arabs were the first to combine aromatics with oils to perfect a recipe for soap.

6) Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen was invented because of a strange request from the Sultan of Egypt in 953 – he demanded a pen that wouldn’t stain his hands or clothes.

7) Modern-Day Chess

Checkmate? Muslims adopted a form of chess that was played in ancient India, but perfected it to what is now modern-day chess, played by people worldwide.

Ahmed Gul is a sophomore at Zaytuna College.