9 reasons why Muslim Men “have it so hard”

by Mozzified Contributor Hira Safdar

1) They are so easy to identify in a crowd.

“Hi, my name is Mo.” “Oh, what is that short for?” “Absolutely nothing.”

2) It’s impossible for them to reach out to scholars.


3) They have to circle 360 degrees around the mosque until they find their “proper” entrance.

No one’s got time for a #sideentrance.

4) They expend so much mental energy comparing women to lollipops and orange peels.

Because policing bodies is the coolest thing to do. #sarcasm

5) Finding modest and stylish clothing is nearly impossible.

#mispterdom #justfollowthesunnah

6) Their (and their family’s) entire futures and reputations are built upon their chastity.

Because a mistake made 15 years ago should determine the rest of your life, amirite or amirite?

7) They never get to “pray in peace” at the mosque.

Come on over to the sisters’ side. We have cookies. And screaming kids. And screaming aunties who love screaming at screaming kids.

8) They rarely have the opportunity to learn about the amazing male leaders of the Islamic tradition.

There’s more to Islam than what’s in your textbooks, believe it or not.

9) They are expected to represent 100% of their religion 100% of the time.

Because my hijab also carries the weight of 1400+ years of Islam, right?

Hira is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology and Gender & Women’s Studies. She likes to go hiking to clear her mind. Follow her on twitter @hirasistable.

  • Jannah Sellars

    Oh my gosh YES! Story of my life! Love this!

  • Abu Jahl

    Ah, nothing like passive aggressive snipes at half the Ummah.

  • Dawn Danielle Hadj Said

    There must be something to there religion or you would not down grade it so badly. Just like the christian faith. They pray and worship God who in their language they call Allah. May God have mercy.

    • April Lamba

      ? So I guess the same could be said about Scientology and Mormonism? lol

  • Sara

    Lol true!

  • April Lamba

    My life when I was a Muslim. Ughh a hijabi/niqab Muslim women’s life is definitely harder esp in the west.

  • R.H.

    This is so beautiful, I’m tearing up lol