9 questions Muslims ask that aren’t what they seem

by Mozzified Staff

1) Where do you find your dates?

“Trader Joe’s. Sometimes at the Farmer’s Market.”

2) How many drinks have you had?

Rooh-Afza. Water. Kool-aid. Lassi. Bring ’em on, bring ’em on.

3) What school do you follow?

“Duke.” “Oh, so you’re Hanafi.” “…”

4) You were out ’til 4am last night??

“Ya, I was getting breakfast.” #followthesunnah #ramadan

5) How many brothers and sisters do you have?


6) What time is sunset?

Dang, we’re so romantic.

7) Who’s your favorite sheikh?

“My favorite shake is… chocolate?” Enunciate that “khhhh.”

8) Does this have alcohol?

“Oh, are you underage?” “No, but I am flattered.”

9) Is it Friday yet?