6 times autocorrect just didn’t understand our Muslim lives

by Mozzified Contributor Hira Safdar

1) When every “Ma” becomes masha’Allah.

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2) When you ask for guidance more often than you use the word “is.”


3) When autocorrect still hasn’t figured out that you text “Insha’Allah” like 100x a day.


4) When “was” automatically becomes Walaykum Salam.

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5) When…. Ummmm. Whoops.

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6) When autocorrect mistakes your sisterly love for something else.

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Hira is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology and Gender & Women’s Studies. She likes to go hiking to clear her mind. Follow her on twitter @hirasistable.

  • maryam

    Lmbooo the last one had me dying