8 times Tumblr got our Muslim lives right

by Mozzified Contributor Farah Jafri

1) Hell is hotter.


2) Well, that’s not nice.

Love Allah

3) Does this make Professor Quirrell a hijabi?


4) Spidey makes dua too.

blastofperfection: “Ya allah, I w…

“Ya Allah, I wish the avengers will accept me this year Insha’Allah.”

5) Where you at, Salman? I’d like to meet you too.

‘salman I like him’

6) The pain. Hijabis have feelings too.

presenting to you, yet another hijabi jo…

7) The real lesson here is to not judge. Thanks Tumblr.

*side eye and pursed lips*

8) The struggle is real.


Farah Jafri is currently a freshman at Mount Holyoke College.