7 lessons Muslims can learn from The Avengers

by Mozzified Contributors Khurram Ahmed, Reema Lateef, &  Zainab Khan. 

’cause we #takefromthegood & #leavethebad

1) Channeling Anger: The Hulk

Bruce Banner, or The Hulk, is a master at attempting to channel his anger. He understands the consequences of his emotion and avoids situations that will make him lose control. When he does get angry, he uses his power and strength for the greater good.

2) Overcoming Narcissism: Ironman

Tony Stark self-identifies as a “genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.” Even still, his self-recognized struggle is to overcome his narcissism and use his money and power to help others.

3) Justice Above All: Thor

Although he is emotionally tied to Loki, his kid brother, Thor recognizes the havoc his brother is creating and ultimately chooses to strive for the common good instead.

4) Embracing the Present: Captain America

Captain America is from another era, and although he’s new to the technology and lifestyle around him, he’s open to changing his ways for the long-term success of his group and community.

5) Developing Awareness & Sensitivity: Black Widow

Black Widow is known for her mastery of strategy and high intelligence. She’s able to study personalities and develop strategy based on human interaction.

6) Recognizing your Strengths: Hawkeye

Hawkeye’s “supernatural” skill, archery, developed through practice and discipline: he trained for years and years to master archery, and now he’s on the same team as superheroes with other-worldly abilities.

7) Learning to work with crazy personalities: Nick Fury

Imagine trying to manage all the personalities that make up The Avengers. Nick Fury is a genius on his own accord, but his true mastery lies in his ability to guide The Avengers towards one goal.

Khurram is a Pakistan-born Jamaican living in Los Angeles. He enjoys reggae, critical theory, video games, and cats.

Reema is currently a student at Zaytuna College, where she is the Editor-in-Chief of Olea Press, Zaytuna’s Student Newspaper. Follow Reema @ReemaJaan15.

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