10 realities of Muslims during dead week

by Mozzified Contributor Zainab Khan

1) You get to pray tahajjud because… you’ll be up anyway.

Yes, we will. Perks of finals week? Who knew.

2) You won’t sleep through fajr because… you’ll be up anyway.

Sleep is for… Sleep is never.

3) You get to pray in congregation at the library… because the entire MSA will be there anyway.

#strengthinnumbers #27xreward #youregonnaneedit

4) The halal restaurants in town ask you if you want your food delivered to the library.

Umm, yes please.

5) All your sentences begin and end the same way.

“Just make dua for me, bro.”

6) You are awake until fajr and set your alarm for dhuhr.

Watching the sunrise is actually kind of beautiful, isn’t it.

7) You might as well fast because you’re living a nocturnal life anyway.

Midnight meals. The best kind.

8) You study hard and pray harder.


9) Eat, pray, sleep. All at the mosque.

#privileges I love being Muslim.

10) Hope, always.


Zainab is the founder of Mozzified and a student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. She doesn’t even get a dead week. Make dua for her. Follow her on twitter @zaynman.