10 thoughts you have when you realize Ramadan’s less than a month away

by Mozzified staff

1) I really, really should give up caffeine right now.


2) Probably should make up my missed fasts from last year.


3) Have to start organizing all my iftar invites.

So much to do, so little time! Alhamdulillah.

4) I should start practicing by doing Monday/Thursday fasts.


5) This will be the year I have a healthy Ramadan.

… or not. #makeduaforme

6) Time to start prepping that grocery list…

#yaypanda …don’t forget that cheese.

7) What will my workout schedule look like?

So many questions. Do I work out before suhoor? After suhoor? Before iftar? After iftar? At midnight? Cardio? Strength training? Both?

8) Should I start living that nocturnal life now?

Who needs sleep?

9) What are my goals?

How much Qur’an can I read per day? How much can I sleep everyday? Can I really afford to go to an iftar party every night? Time to be decisive!

10) And last but not least… What am I going to wear on Eid?!

Start planning now.