7 prayer hacks to get you back on your game

by Mozzified Staff

1) Drink a glass of water (or a few) before you go to bed.

You’ll wake up for tahajjud, fajr, and even class. #inshaAllah

2) Have someone in another time zone give you a call. Or seven.

And return the favor!

3) If you have little ones, let them be your fajr alarm clock.

They’re up at 5am anyway, right?

4) Pray with others!

You have a gym buddy, why not have a prayer buddy? #bonuspoints

5) Build your schedule with your prayers in mind.

Plan ahead, and you’ll know where you should be when it’s prayer time insha’Allah.

6) Consider your prayers a break.

You get to leave all your troubles behind for a few minutes five times throughout the day. Enjoy it. 🙂

7) Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Why set yourself up for failure? Begin with the obligatory prayers and work your way up to the rest. The rest will follow insha’Allah. 🙂