11 questions we hear every Ramadan

by Mozzified Contributor Jabran Chaudhry

1) Fasting? What’s that?

Here we go again…

2) What are you fastening?

..my deen?

3) You don’t eat for 30 days straight? How do you survive?

It’s only from sunrise to sunset…

4) Oh I get it, you can’t eat. So you can drink smoothies and stuff right?

Nope. Just no.

5) Wait, you’re Muslim?

Wait, why is that surprising?

6) Isn’t that torture? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

It’s the best time of year!

7) You’re sure that’s healthy? Have you talked to a doctor?

We’ve only been doing it for centuries…

8) So do you just sleep all day and stay up at night?


9) Do you lose a lot of weight?

If only.

10) Is it okay if I eat lunch here?

Sure, why not.

and our favorite…

11) Brother to sister: Why aren’t you fasting?

Fine, I’ll tell you why.

Jabran is from Sydney, Australia, where he’s currently pursuing a JD degree and works as a pharmacist. He may or may not own a kangaroo.