8 Ramadan problems that really shouldn’t be problems

by Mozzified Contributors Yousaf Seyal and Hira Safdar

1) Moon-sighting.

Does taraweeh begin today? Tomorrow? Next week? What does this mean for Eid?

2) Taraweeh.

8? 20? 8 one day and 20 the next?

3) Iftar Menus.

Let’s have some mercy on our cooks and appreciate all that they give us.

4) Dates.

Where should we buy them? What kind should we buy? How many should we buy?

5) Food.

Chicken samosa? Beef Samosa? Both?

6) Breaking the fast.

To eat before maghrib or after maghrib, that is the question.

7) Calendars.

Do I follow the local mosque, national organization, my neighbor, or google?

8) Eid.

How many days do I take off? When will Eid be? Where will I pray? What will I wear? So much anxiety for such a joyous occasion.

Yousaf Seyal (aka MicroMolvi) is a student at Zaytuna College. He enjoys traveling and collecting scarves. A mango will always put a smile on his face.

Hira is a senior at UC Berkeley, where she studies Integrative Biology and Gender & Women’s Studies. She likes to go hiking to clear her mind. Follow her on twitter @hirasistable.