10 ways to change your habits during Ramadan

by Mozzified Contributor Jabran Chaudhry

1) Craving a late night movie?

Head over to the mosque for taraweeh instead.

2) Love music?

Try YouTube-ing some lectures from popular Muslim speakers.

3) Trying to get away from TV and music?

Read a book. Better yet, read the best book.

4) Find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed?

We promise, the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) is much more interesting.

5) “Hanging out” with friends?

Do some dhikr instead.

6) Tired of iftar parties?

Spend iftar with your family, friends, and/or at the mosque.

7) Have you been staying up until fajr?

Go to bed early and wake up for suhoor.

8) Spending your days shopping?

Clean out your closet and donate to charity.

9) Still mad at that person who insulted you four years ago?

Forgive them!

10) Does your stomach grumble throughout your fast?

Pause, recognize the feeling, and reflect on how blessed you are.

Jabran is from Sydney, Australia, where he’s currently pursuing a JD degree and works as a pharmacist. He may or may not own a kangaroo.