10 people at the mosque during Ramadan

by: Team Ishqr, Elina and Samira

1) The Insta-jabi.

Always glamorous, even for Taraweeh. She’s the girl all the boys at the masjid are in love with and has over 10K followers on Insta. She’s always posting selfies because… Well, let’s face it. She’s always on fleek.

2) The “Born-again” Muslim.

Notoriously known for hittin’ up the clubs, Ramadan is the one month that brings this goof to the masjid. No judgement tho – we’re all doing the best we can. #keepusinyourduas

3) The Nosy Auntie.

She may mean well, but this auntie piles on the questions as soon you walk into the masjid: “Who are you?” “Where are your parents from?” “Why aren’t you married yet?” “I know a boy…”

4) The Teenager who obvs doesn’t want to be there.

Their parents make them come, and they’re always glued to their phones. They may put up a front, but you know that deep down, they secretly love being at the mosque.

5) The Millenial.

Constantly tweeting about Ramadan and posting different Qur’anic verses on Insta, you wonder if they’ll ever experience life in the moment and not through a filter.

6) The “this is my first Ramadan” Person.

While the rest of us grow tired from sleepless nights and long fasts, this person really makes the most of Ramadan. If only the rest of us could take from their energy. #goals

7) The “Cool” Muslim.

This dude is slightly older but that doesn’t stop him from being a total bada$$. He drives the flyest car and his Qu’ran recitation is on point. This is the guy all guys hope they become and girls pray they marry.

8) The Astagfirullah Auntie.

This lady always seems to have a sour face and shakes her head in judgement at everyone who passes by while mumbling “astaghfirullah”.

9) The Wannabe Rapper.

He rolls into Taraweeh a little late with his windows down blasting Qu’ran, since “it’s Ramadan yo.”

10) The kid that’s up past their bedtime.

It’s four hours past bedtime, and this kid is going to make full use of those four hours. Prayer room? Nope. It’s a moving jungle gym. Kids will be kids, let them be. 🙂

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