14 iftar moments that are just too real

By Mozzified Contributor Zainab Khan

1) When you break your fast and your hunger hits you like a tidal wave.

2) When the Maghrib adhaan is almost finished and you try to pull yourself away from your food.

3) When you come back to your food and realize you’re not that hungry.

4) When you sit back down anyway because the food looks so appetizing.

5) When your body wants you to stop, but you keep going anyway.

6) When you feel your belt buckle pop.

7) When you get up to put your dishes away but you’re basically comatose.

8) When you begin strategizing how you’re going to digest all that food before taraweeh.

9) When you inadvertently fall into a nap.

10) When you’re at taraweeh and you immediately regret both your iftar and the iftar of the person next to you.

11) When you’re back home, completely full, but eat more anyway.

12) When you realize you were probs more thirsty than hungry, so you begin chugging gallons of water.

13) When you try to sleep before suhoor but have to get up every two minutes because of all the water you drank.

14) When you wake up for suhoor and decide that you actually didn’t eat too much at iftar…

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Zainab is the founder of Mozzified and a student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Follow her on twitter @zaynman.