10 ridiculous things women in hijab are compared to

by Mozzified Contributors Hira Safdar and Zainab Khan

We’ll give proponents of these analogies the benefit of the doubt and assume they come from good intentions… But all of these comparisons dilute the concept of hijab and reduce women to sexual objects.

1) Lollipop wrappers.

Remember, you’ll only attract flies and trash if you don’t wear a lollipop wrapper.

2) Candy bar wrappers.

Why ruin the surprise?

3) iPhone cases.

These hijab analogies are evolving.

4) Protective plastic on furniture.

You know, because the haram will slide right off.

5) Bullet-proof, glass case for diamonds.

Because underneath it all, women are just jewelry to be enjoyed.

6) Pearls in oysters.

Pearls are a girl’s best friend. So we’re our own best friends? Wait. We may actually like this one. #justkidding

7) Screen protectors.

For those of us who wear see-through hijabs. Gotta protect the goods.

8) A sun covered by clouds.

Although no one can see it, the sun is still beautiful behind all those clouds. Because all there is to a woman is her beauty and that’s all there is to hijab.

9) Bubble wrap.

You protect your fine objects with packing peanuts and bubble wrap, why wouldn’t you protect your woman, the greatest object of them all?

10) Life vests.

Because without our hijabs we will drown…

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Hira is a senior at UC Berkeley, where she studies Integrative Biology and Gender & Women’s Studies. She likes to go hiking to clear her mind. Follow her on twitter @hirasistable.

Zainab is the founder of Mozzified and a student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Follow her on twitter @zaynman.

  • Mazin Khalil

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t say apples lol.

    • Zainab Khan

      that’s such a good one!!

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    I always see the lollipop and diamond or “precious jewel”, because valuable things stay hidden or “kept safe”, what utter nonsense.

  • gestapo9

    Your point of view contradicts Islamic teaching. Hijab serves exactly the purpose that these memes show, why not read Surah Noor again?

  • Zarah Iman

    @gestapo9:disqus , the writer of this post meant for it to be humorous. These “points of views” aren’t meant to be taken literally. She is just writing (as stated before, for humor) some of the things that we hijabis feel when people compare us to what was said above. But however, I really do appreciate how you are trying to actively spread Islamic knowlegde by sharing chapters in the Quran.