A letter to my unborn child

by Anonymous 

In the Name of God, The Source of Mercy, The Dispenser of Mercy

My Dear Child,

In this moment, I find myself at a loss for words, but only words and nothing else. I greet you with the first greeting. It is how your grandparents have greeted me every morning. It is how God commanded His Angels to greet Adam when the soul was breathed into his body. I welcome you with, “May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God Be With You”.

Little Lamb, who made thee? I know, silly me. You’re not a lamb. But you are. You are everything. That may sound overwhelming but do not feel nervous. I only want you to be you. My job is to help you to be you, and it is the most exciting and sacred responsibility I can imagine. You, meanwhile, are excelling at your duty as my grasp of humility and gratitude are stretched by the hour.

But from where did you come? Where were you a few months ago? I only ask because I have been waiting for you for a very long time. Were you always on your way to me? Was it a long journey? Or were you nearby waiting for the right time? How rude this must seem. Forgive me. I’m just excited and anxious, and I cannot promise to restrain myself. Whatever the reason for your delay (may I call it that?), I hope you’re ready to meet the world. We are certainly ready to meet you.

The greatest miracles we contemplate are life and love. You are the perfect result of both, and so, you too, are a miracle. You are the upshot of hundreds of people expressing hundreds of prayers and wishes sent kneeling in quiet solitude as well as at the Holy Sanctuaries under the desert sky. Some who sent prayers to Heaven for you are already there themselves. Every single prayer costs a heavy price fraught with great expectation, because prayers demand the most precious of all resources – time and faith. So, we’ll use our time wisely and never stop smiling.

It is an immense blessing to have so many well-wishers. I will honor each wish and teach you to do the same. You see, child, wishes are no more than whispers, whimpers and whistles to the ear but are everything to the heart. Remember that. In all things, trust your heart and keep your mind in its service.

I have thought about you for years long before your impending arrival. There are people I want you to meet, places I want you to visit, music I want you to hear, songs I want you to sing, books I want you to read, performances I want you to attend, games I want you to play, foods I want you to eat and tickles I want to tickle you. But as you have become manifest, all those dreams seem like childish bravado I hope you will indulge in one day. Yes, there are still places for you to learn about and people to love but, quite literally, we have a lifetime for that. We shall take things slowly, and try to enjoy the moments between a blink and a breath and I will read to you a poem by a man named William Blake titled, The Lamb.

The world is big and interesting and so will naturally require caution on occasion. After all, even ice cream can make your head hurt. I promise you will never want for affection and understanding but not everyone you meet on your explorations will love you. This is an unpleasant truth you will have to accept even as you warm to those who misunderstand you. Extend your hand at every opportunity because you are still far more likely to discover Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love traveling in the strange, surrounded by the unfamiliar than you are to find anything else. Somewhere in the vast expanse of the universe you will find another wandering miracle to love and cherish, so accept with serene joy everything on your path in the pursuit of Truth.

I am beginning to think I sound like old man Polonius, but there is much to say and the ability to conjure a strong first impression will have to come from your mother. Thank you for tolerating me. Since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief. In equal measure, Be Curious, Be Courteous, Be Courageous, Be Compassionate, Be Committed. Because anything can be.

I love you, My Son. Prepare to be tickled.

By the Grace and Mercy of Our Lord, I shall see you soon.

Note from the author: Among the blessings of being a wife is the opportunity to surprise your husband with news of a pregnancy. My wife allowed me to surprise her with the news of the gender of the baby at about 13 weeks. I procured the information from her doctor’s office and upon the advice of a dear friend, set upon the task of writing a letter to my unborn child that I presented to my wife as a means of ultimately revealing the baby’s gender. This blessing comes to us spontaneously after a five-year struggle with infertility.