10 lessons to learn from Ashura

by Mozzified Contributor Umme Ruqayeh

Ashura, the 10th day of the holy month of Muharram, marks a significant date in the Islamic calendar for all Muslims.

On this day, many Sunni Muslims fast in order to mark the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. However, perhaps the day’s most important occurrence was the martyrdom of the Holy Prophet (s)’s family. Hussain bin Ali (a) was dreadfully martyred along with 72 of his companions by Yazid bin Muawiya. The events which unfolded on this day over 1400 years ago were so tragic that the Holy Prophet (s) said, “Surely there exists in the hearts of the believers, with respect to the martyrdom of Hussain (a), a heat that never subsides.”

Hussain, the son of Ali and Fatima, was like the Prophet’s own son. He was given the title Sayed Shabab Ahl Al-Jannah, Master of the Youth of Paradise.

Here are ten lessons we can learn from the day of his martyrdom, Ashura:

1) On Ashura, we honor the Prophet (s) by honoring his family.


2) Imam Hussain’s sacrifice teaches us not to accept oppression.

3) Imam Hussain’s compassion teaches us to care about those around us.


4) Imam Hussain’s deep love inspires us to love our Creator, our Deen, the Ummah, and our families as he did.

Hussain was a man of great love and compassion. #HussainInspires #WhoIsHussain #HussainIbnAli #Karbala A photo posted by Who is Hussain (@whoishussain_) on

5) Imam Hussain’s forgiveness shows us how to have mercy towards those in our lives.


6) Imam Hussain inspires us to have willpower to stand firm during the most difficult circumstances.

“Death with dignity is better than a life of humiliation.” Hussain Ibn Ali #HussainInspires #WhoIsHussain A photo posted by Who is Hussain (@whoishussain_) on

7) Imam Hussain’s faith inspires us to be strong and obedient to our Creator.


8) Every message and action of Imam Hussain’s on the day of Ashura is a moral guide and compass for us in our lives.

9) Imam Hussain set out to save our religion so all Muslims would be able to practice Islam and so the message of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet (s) would be preserved.


10) On that day, Imam Hussain taught us all how to be human.

To find out more, visit www.whoishussain.org.

Umme Ruqayeh is an author and mother of two. She’s written several Muslim children’s books, published by Twelver Kids. She currently resides in Chicago.

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