Mozzified was founded in January of 2015 and launched in March of 2015 to provide a fun online space for young Muslims. At first, we thought that to mozzify meant to take from American Culture and re-interpret through an American Muslim lens. However, as the website expands, we’re realizing that mozzifying is actually a global phenomenon. That is, to mozzify is to take from any culture, and reinterpret through a Muslim lens.

The idea first came about when Mozzified’s founder, Zainab Khan, was an undergrad at Wesleyan University. Although the origins of the term “mozzie” are up for debate, Zainab and her friends (Mozzified Authors Hira Jafri and Gaby Chavez) jokingly called each other “mozzies” as undergrads at Wesleyan, referring to the particular culture they experienced as young globally-aware Muslims.

Currently, Mozzified is housed at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, and we’re staffed by a team of eight graduate students and four faculty advisers and industry experts.

Mozzified in the Media

In October of 2015, Mozzified’s Founder, Zainab Khan, was interviewed by NPR’s Codeswitch.

Mozzified Team

Zainab Khan, Founder (@zayman

Zainab Khan is a Multimedia Journalist and student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. In the past, she has written for several American-Muslim publications including The Islamic Monthly, Patheos AltMuslim, and AltMuslimah.

Before moving to California, Zainab worked in marketing, as a paralegal, and on several local political campaigns in Chicago. She received her BA in History and Middle Eastern Studies from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

Mara Van Ells, Multimedia (@MaraVanElls)

Mara Van Ells is an aspiring multimedia journalist. She loves coaching gymnastics, writing stories and performing onstage.

Fan Fei, Multimedia (@RichConFan)

Fan is a business reporter and video editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with interests in visual journalism including video for the web and data visualization.

Jeremy C.F. Lin, Multimedia (@Jeremy_CF_Lin)

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Jeremy C.F. Lin is a visual journalist with a passion for data visualization, coding, design and intercultural issues. Aspirations to become a journalist capable of telling stories in diverse, innovative formats led him to America.

Brett Murphy, Multimedia (@BrettMMurphy)

Born and raised in the Boston ‘burbs, Brett is currently a journalism master’s candidate at U.C. Berkeley in the class of 2016. He has written for various online and print publications in the Pittsburgh area while attending the University of Pittsburgh.

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    I’m not Muslim but I found your website via an old NPR article about it. I read several of your posts, and even though I’m not Muslim I found your site entertaining and interesting. Your content is really important so keep sharing.

    (In case your wonder what the heck I was doing on your site, I’m a graduate level social work and public administration student and I was doing some research for an assignment in my diversity and oppression class and after I saw the NPR article I thought “why not check it out”.)

    Also, I saw your post on the 7 things you can learn from the Avengers…so assuming that means your into super heroes, have you checked out the new Ms. Marvel? Super (lol) awesome. Her and the new Captain Marvel are my new favorite super heroes (becuase they are actually pretty three dimensional unlike most of the Avengers).



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